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Our Pre-Press & Art Work department is specialized for data checks and pre-press setup of you submitted print files, for large format printing. We also offer support services to our customers in the fields of specific data setup, print file amendments, color optimization and full support for ultra-large format projects like façade coverings, retouching, stage brandings our specialized prints with repeating rapports. When it comes to rigid print substrates we offer assistance for creating cutlines, milling applications and proper setup of vectorial contours. We also offer to create these contours for you and charge these services at a reasonable price.

If there is availability and capacity of our Art-Work team, we also offer creative services. Please get in touch for any creative services needed and we will come up with an offer for you.


Info Sheet Data Setup

Please download our latest info sheet regarding data setup, PDF options,……


These settings are created for Hi-End-PDFs, without compression losses.


These settings are created for Hi-End-PDFs, with JPEG compression losses.

ISOcoated_v2_eci Profil

Please use this color scheme for setting up your print files.


Please keep the following information in mind to ensure proper results.

  • Print Files

    Ideally you submit print files using “Print Settings PDF 1.6” with a minimum bleed of 3mm. If print files are submitted with other settings and parameters, additional costs can occur. In order to optimize and facilitate our partnership and to save time we have created Pre-Settings for you. We created two different PDF setting versions, which are available as a free download. Data Transfer can be done by Mail, FTP, WeTransfer, Dropbox or similar tools. FTP access can be requested via your sales rep.

  • Color Management

    All our productions and machines use 4 color mode CMYK. Any spot color like HKS, RAL or Pantone can only be displayed and produced within the CMYK Color Space. If you intend to use spot color, please advise your contact at Plakativ accordingly.

  • White & Cut / Outlines

    If you intend to place an order with additional prints in white color or containing contour cuts please use separate color channels created with spot colors. In order to guarantee perfect settings and productions the color channel for white color print has to be named “White” and the channel for contour cuts has to be named “Cut”. Both channels have to be set to “overprint”. The color for the channels can be chosen freely. For these options PDF 1.6 setting is mandatory!

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